How it works

AZAD Coach and Expert (ACE) does a full analysis of your current financial status – including your income, savings, loans and assets. The ACE will also help you in linking your life Goals with your financial status.

At the end of this stage, you will quantify and prioritize your life Goals, have a clear financial picture in front of you, with your very own customized balance sheet and income-expense statement.


ACE helps you draw a comprehensive plan designed to achieve financial freedom over your chosen target period.

The plan will be detailed and specific to your needs. You will be guided and educated by the ACE at every step about the logic of and practicality of the plan as well as the choices available to you.


You now start committing to certain Actions that will help you achieve the Goals that you set. Your finances are completely organized and accessible at the touch of a button via the proprietary AZAD online app.

Every month you are guided, motivated, educated and reminded to take the small steps (Actions) that lead you towards one milestone, and the next and so on.

The Finish Line

We not only help get you started, we help you reach the finish line.

Along the way, you will be conducting quarterly reviews and get annual assessment reports.

The unique combination of our experienced financial experts – ACE, the AZAD online app and proven and proprietary tools will ensure that we work tirelessly till yu have reached your dream destination, i.e, your financial freedom!

Success Stories
Uma loves travelling. She is also passionate about working for under-privileged children. However she has to financially take care of herself as well as her mother. Once that stage is reached she would be free to indulge in her passions travelling to underdeveloped countries and working for the children there.

Uma Krishnan
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Sunil dreams of becoming Financially Free in next 5 years. He has a passion for acting and the theatre and would love to go back to his first love after taking care of his family needs. His Post tax annual salary is INR 40L and he has a wife and daughter to support. His current liabilities include a home loan of INR 136L. In the next 5 years, can Sunil accumulate enough assets which will generate pre-tax, passive income of INR 2L per month which after taxation will be just enough for his family needs?
Sunil Khanna
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Message from CEO

Dear friends,

At AZAD we are on a mission to make you financially free. I have done it myself and I know it works. We have brought the best international practices suited to India. We have built proprietory tools, a unique AZAD App, rigorous process and certified financial expertise to help you. We want you to realise your dreams and live a secure, rich life.

We will be with you all the way. All the Best for this journey!

Example for a client who wants to have his own house
Why Us

If you crave financial security and freedom and you are still far from it, you need a support team and proven tools and methods to get you there.

We have done it ourselves – we adapted internationally proven financial methods and successfully applied them in Indian conditions. We know it works!


You need a combination of data driven analysis integrated with your unique profile, status, emotions and habits. We offer deep insights and experience of delivering a tailor-made solution to fit your unique needs.


Most people are able to make plans. But they either remain on paper or die a silent death.

We at AZAD not only provide you with regular analysis and advice but we help execute the Actions. We help you transact with banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, real estate firms etc.

We also constantly compare and review your progress against plan to ensure that you stay on your path to financial freedom.

Our Promise

The Ten commandments of AZAD

  • I
    We promise that we will not take any commissions, incentives, gifts or kickbacks on new product we recommend to our clients.
  • II
    We don’t just deliver financial planning or financial advice, we guarantee you financial freedom.
  • III
    We handle all asset classes - be it debt, equity, gold, cash or real estate. Our levels of services are not dependent on the size of your investment portfolio.
  • IV
    At AZAD, we are 100% client-centric. We have no other stakeholder but you, our client.
  • V
    We will ensure that your plan is supervised and signed off only by a certified financial planner.
  • VI
    We are systematic and thorough in documentation and review of all our systems and processes used to deliver this service to you.
  • VII
    Every component of AZAD programme is custom made as per your circumstances, wishes and choices. We do not offer template based mass-market solutions.
  • VIII
    We offer our AZAD app software and all other tools completely free of cost. There are no hidden charges in AZAD.
  • IX
    We guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality of your data.
  • X
    Your full satisfaction is guaranteed. Else we will refund your money, no questions asked.

We bring you AZAD to get you to financial freedom, guaranteed. The programme is a proven method. It is simple, practical and a complete approach. We provide you all the tools, analysis, advice and the best products to get you there.

AZAD app is simple to use and keeps you on the path

Personal executive to help

Keep your multiple accounts sorted

Monthly Actions and quarterly review meetings

Value provided or your money back!

All the boring paperwork is managed by us

AZAD Programme
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  • Your AZAD journey is mapped in 3 steps
    • Step 1: Financial Analysis and Goal Setting
    • Step 2: Develop a customized Plan
    • Step 3: Ongoing Advice, Progress Reports and Course Correction
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to guide you all the way
  • All Online: App puts your money matters on your Phone/Tablet/PC
for full year. Service Tax extra.
30 day money back guarantee
AZAD+ Programme
Top Choice
  • All features of AZAD programme plus
    • AZAD Coach and financial Expert (ACE) is assigned to you so that you have continuity and preferred service
    • Home Delivery/Pick-up Service and Documentation Help
for full year. Service Tax extra.
30 day money back guarantee
Complimentary Services
  • We organize all your finances
  • We do all reminders, housekeeping services, paperwork to give you peace of mind
  • Financial Concierge Services - on your phone and email
  • Money-Back Guarantee
AZAD vs. others

AZAD as compared to others.

Product Features/Services Wealth Management Cos./ Banks/FIs Brokers/ Agents/ Distributors Individual CAs/CFPs
Comprehensive Financial + Non Financial Plan by CFP
Customized Plan - Not Template Based
Pure fee based service – no commissions
Action/ Execution
Best product suggestions to execute Plan
Online tools for actions
Total financial snapshot at your finger-tips
In house Research team
Follow Up/ Course Correction
Quarterly And Annual Reviews Of Plan progress
Access To Your Account From Any Location
Long term relationship-not transactional
Free Sign Up
Connect with Us

Rajiv Jamkhedkar

Rajiv is the Founder and Managing Director of Serengeti Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Rajiv has 23 years of work experience at the highest level in Financial Services including Citi, HSBC and AEGON Religare Life Insurance.

He found his way to Financial Freedom by age 42.

Chaitali Dutta

Chaitali is Chief of Operations at Serengeti Ventures.

She has 25 years of work experience in Financial Services at RBI & SBI.

She is passionate about personal finance and guides families to financial wellness.

She got financially free 3 years ago and set up her own practice.