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What Azad means to me:

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The 7 Step Azad Model

How it works

The Azad Coach & Expert (ACE) does a complete assessment of your current financial status.

An ACE (Azad Coach & Expert) closely engages with you to understand all aspects of your life – your priorities, goals, responsibilities, earnings, savings, risk appetite and more. We do a complete assessment of your current financial status.

Goal Planning

The ACE helps quantify your life goals and plots a timeline for each one of them.

The ACE helps you quantify your life goals – determining how much money you need to achieve each of these, and plots an achievement timeline against each one of them.

Personalised Azad Plan

The ACE draws up a tailor made financial plan aligned to your goals.

Once your life goals have been quantified, the ACE draws up a tailor-made financial plan that is aligned to these goals.

Action Mode

The Azad Money Management Programme helps you every step of the way, towards your goal.

Every small action takes you closer to your destination. And Azad helps you every little step of the way!

Real-time Alignment To Your Life Stages

We prepare plans, refresh them to align them with your personal and market circumstances.

At Azad, we prepare for ‘what if” scenarios, chalk out back-up plans, refresh existing plans or make an entirely new plan, so that they align with your personal & market circumstances. We review them once every quarter.


We work with you to ensure that your Azad plan is executed well, getting you closer to your goal.

Once we’ve agreed on your Azad Plan, we will then work with you to ensure that it is executed well, towards reaching your life goals. All through your journey, we work with you to ensure that your Azad plan is executed well, getting you closer to your life goal.

Goal Tracking

We measure your plan every quarter and measure the progress made.

We don’t make a great plan and just leave it to work. We review your plan once in 3 months to ensure that you are on track and measure the progress you’ve made.

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The Azad Money Management Programme - Benefits at a glance

Azad Money Management Programme

Azad Essential
  • 360 degree assessment
  • Goals Planning
  • Customised Azad plan
  • Azad Coach – quarterly reviews, course correction/plan refresh
  • Online Dashboard – to track your progress against plan

Annual Fee, No Commissions.

Rs.36,000* + GST as applicable. *With effect from 1 April, 2019
Azad Plus
  • 360 degree assessment
  • Goals Planning
  • Customised Azad plan
  • Senior and dedicated Azad Coach – quarterly reviews, course correction/plan refresh
  • Online Dashboard – to track your progress against plan
    • Home delivery and pick up service for documents, cheques, etc. help with filling up documents and submission.
    • Paperwork & submission - direct investments in MFs
    • Paperwork & submission - KYC/ address/ contact updation
    • Paperwork & submission - existing portfolio realignment
    • Bank related- updating passbooks, KYC
    • Paperwork - opening NPS, PPF, Sukanya Samriddhi etc accounts will be taken care of
    • CIBIL score - improvement in the score
    • Income Tax filing - through CA, free of cost
    • Will writing
    • Meetings at your convenient location- instead of AZAD office

    More +Less -

Annual Fee, No Commissions.

Rs.54,000* + GST as applicable. *With effect from 1 June, 2018
The Azad Leadership

Rajiv Jamkhedkar

The Azad Money Management Programme and its proprietary 7-Step Azad Model is the brainchild of Rajiv Jamkhedkar... Know more Connect linkedin

Rajesh Iyer

Rajesh Iyer is the Chief Business Officer for Serengeti Ventures Pvt Ltd which owns and runs The Azad Money... Know more Connect linkedin

Testimonials from


  • Gaurav Machalla Senior Specialist – Sun Life Financial

    "It's been a magnificent year with the AZAD programme. It is smart to take professional help to sort out your finances. Just like we go to a doctor for health advise, it is smart to take help of a Certified Financial Planner as they are professionally qualified to help you.”

  • Shayne Singh Chief Operating Officer, NDTV Worldwide

    “I was very happy with the systematic way in which the financial planner from Serengeti Ventures went about taking a snapshot of our finances and then came up with a time-bound investment plan, that took care of all our short and long-term financial goals.”

  • Awadhesh Katiyar Analyst – BA Continuum India

    My expenses were more than earnings, we were hardly saving but after joining Azad program, I started saving more than before and thinking about earlier retirement. Thanks to Rajiv and Tania.

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